Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lucky Leprechaun Math Station Tubs

Happy Sunday!

I don't know if I'm getting old or what, but it seems to take me forever to get things done.  It's pretty last minute, but I've finally finished my Lucky Leprechaun Math Station Tubs! I super late.  But, they are half price!

Thanks for checking them out!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What If I Had Animal Teeth!

Do you have this book?


 We've been learning about teeth. While I mostly wanted the kids to learn about human teeth, this book was a great way to end our week!  First we read the book.  We talked about which teeth we would most like to have and we made an anchor chart (on the whiteboard) with the animal names and a quick picture of the teeth. 

Next is was time to write.  This kind of writing was pretty hard for my kids.  They are used to only getting blank paper.  They had a hard time not writing every word.  I think it was a great lesson though.  It really helped them to focus on the words that were already on the paper.  

 After we wrote about our animal teeth, we made our portraits with our chosen animal teeth.    To make the portraits I just cut some multicultural paper in half.  Then we trimmed the corners until we turned them into ovals for our faces.  I gave them black rectangles for the mouth.  They were about 2 by 4 inches.  We cut them like a rainbow and turned them upside down.  I pre- cut papers for their eyes.  I think the whites were about 2 inches and the blacks were about 1 inch each.  Again, we trimmed the corners to make them round.  Next I gave them scrap white paper to make the teeth and several other colors for the hair.  The rest was up to them!  I think they turned about pretty cute!

 I LOVE how the board turned out!

I hope you found something that you can use!

One more thing...the story is on YouTube

Don't forget.... Tomorrow begins TPT's amazing Teachers are Heroes sale!  All of my products are on sale.  I'm in the process of revamping many of my math choice packets.  Get them now while they are cheep!

160 × 200

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Putting It Out There- My Week :)

If you are like me you are totally skipping this part and going right to my plans.

I don't blame you.  

I love checking out what other people are doing.  
Mostly I love to get ideas.  Sometimes I look for validation.  
Hopefully my week can give you a little bit of both.  
Or something to judge-:) please don't!

We don't have school on Monday so it's a short week. 


(I believe this is actually working now, sorry)!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm Back! Valentine's Day and Some Random Babbling!

I'm back!  
Well sort of... I made it my New Years resolution to be better at blogging.  
Ya might notice how that's been going or actually NOT going!

I'm constantly facing tough choices. I binge watch TV with the puppy on my lap or my computer?  
The puppy (is no longer actually a puppy) is so warm and cuddly.  :)

Between the work that needs done with the new house and school I come home exhausted!  It had been a while since I created anything for TPT.  Last month I worked up a bit of motivation and made a new Valentine math pack! 
I really like it.  Click on the picture to check it out!

I have a lot of math products on TPT.  
The products that I create are what I typically use in my math bins.  
The games are pretty much the same all year, but I change the theme.  
That way, kids always know how to play while the changing theme provides novelty.  
It works great for me!

This week we celebrated our 100th day of school!  
We all dressed up like we were 100 years old.  
Is there anything better than hearing your students say "this is the best day ever"!

This is a picture that my sister took of me with my nephew!  
I love having him in my class this year!  
He's a pretty cute old man!

My co-working made this awesome photo booth!  
The kids had a great time getting their 100 year old pictures taken!  
Is this an awesome idea or what?  
I only wish that I was a better photographer!

I just pinned this!  
I'm really getting into making homemade lotions and potions.  
I've actually made one (that's a start right).  
Anyway, I think I'm going to make this one over the weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!  
I'm going to need to get back to my binge watching now!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014


I hope you have your wishlists ready!  There is a major sale at TPT!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Finally Finished!!!!

I have finally finished my Alphabet Intervention Books.  My kids are loving them.  They are learning so much!  At 208 pages this might just be the biggest product I've ever created! Check them out if you get a chance!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Working on it -Wednesday

Okay, I'm not sure if working on it Wednesday is a thing, but I haven't posted ANYTHING  in about a million years.  
I have just been completely EXHAUSTED!  
Teaching kindergarten is a LOT of work, especially when you have to take care of your only family and your puppy!
Sorry, had to put that in here.  
I don't know how teachers with actual real life babies even survive with a shred of sanity.  
I didn't start teaching until my daughter was in second grade.  
Kuddos to the superwomen out there!  

Oh, one more unrelated thing- This came in the mail today!!!!!! 
It's from Fray Baby Bibs and More and I absolutely adore it!

Workin' on it!  Back story- I have a lot of kids who do not know much about letters and sounds.  I have tons of intervention resources but I was feeling like I needed something more.  I want them to have a  book in their hands during literacy/reading groups.  I want them to learn their letters, sounds, handwriting, and concepts of print. 

So... I came up with little alphabet books.  I made them with two books per page so they can easily be printed back to back.  The text is predictable and I put little dots under each word for pointing.  I made a page for looking for letters with different fonts, tracing the letters and isolating sounds.  I tried the Mm book out with three of my groups and I think they did an amazing job.  We celebrated by playing Bubble Pop from Growing Kinders.  

I put the Mm Book RTI Letters and Sounds on TPT for free.  
I'd love to hear your thoughts.  
I'm working on the rest of the books.  
Hope you like it! Please follow my TPT store if you would like to be updated when the rest of the books become available. 

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