Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Created a Facebook Page!

Kinder Fun is having a Facebook Mixer!

I've been at this off and on all day!  First I made a facebook accout linked to a different email than I normally use.  That seemed like a lot of trouble.  So I deleted that and made a page linked to my personal account and it seems like that is going to be easier to manage.  At least I hope so!  The next hard part was getting this little sign to link to my page.  I THINK I finally got it to work (although I'm pretty sure that I didn't do it correctly since I added it as a picture with a link and not on the HTML Java thing that I used when I made my button).  I thought I was pretty good with computers but today I really need blogging for dummies.  Is there a sight like that?  Does anybody else have THIS much trouble?  Oh well, I think it's done and now I'm proud of myself!
Check it out when you get a chance!  Thanks for stopping by!



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