Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Classroom Management Linky Party

I'm joining in with Miss Kindergarten's classroom management linky party! I think the most important thing with classroom management is taking the time to really teach and practice the rules.  I've been reading The Daily 5 and I love their method of having a student (one who is having a little trouble) model the inappropriate behavior first, and then model the appropriate behavior.  I think modeling is so important so I try to always use a soft voice and nice words myself (sounds easy enough but we've all had our moments)! I've also used Kelso's Choices for the past few years.  We spend quite a bit of time role playing how to make good choices. For monitoring behavior, I use a red, yellow, green, purple behavior card system.  Students start on green and like the traditional red-yellow-green system they move to yellow or red if they make bad choices.  The purple card is my reward system.  It's pretty easy for kids to get on purple at the beginning of the year, but one they get the idea I use it to reward students who are setting an example for the rest of the class.   I do allow students who are on red or yellow to earn their way back to green by changing their behavior.  Students report their behavior to their parents using my calendars.  At the end of the day, they color their calendar to indicate their color for the day.  I love this system because when they color that calendar they are being responsible for reporting their behavior for the day.  Someone told me that having them change the card, or having them color the calendar helps them internalize the consequence for their actions.  I write in the comments why the child turned their cards and parents usually write back.  My calendars are free on my TpT store.  Now that I feel like I wrote a book, I need to find a way add camping twist to my system.  Ms. Smith's ideas were super cute!

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  1. You made some good points. I like for the kids to be responsible for their behavior chart as well. It seems that some don't mind being rotten ALL day long until they have to color or x out their camper cards...then I've had tears flowing...oh my! Tomorrow is always a new day. :)
    You need to check out my website at www.smithsroom.com also. I have lots of camping ideas there.


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