Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Name Game

Last week Mrs. Lochel at Keeping Up with the Kindergarteners posted about the name game that she does with her kindergarteners (read her post here). I was so inspired that I started the name game the very next day!  Now each day, in addition to cheering the letters for the student of the day's name, we are doing the name game.  Like Mrs. Lochel, we write the students name on a sentence strip. Then we cut the letters apart and place them into the pocket chart.  We cheer "give me a --" as we spell the students name.  Then I model how to draw the student. After that we pass out the papers and all of the students draw a picture of the student of the day. I am so grateful to have learned about this idea!  My students are loving it!  I love that it #1 gets my students up for a break from the rug,  #2 my students are getting lots of practice drawing people, and labeling them and #3 they are loving it!  I don't bind the books, I just put a heavy duty staple in the corner during my lunch break.  Below is a copy of the cover that I made for the book.  Hope you like it!

Name Game Book Cover


  1. It gives me hope to read your post. We tried this one day last week and it was a disaster. I plan to keep trying it but we haven't had time and it was so awful the first time I was worried. Did you have the kids write the other kids name before they drew? That was one of the things I had read about doing and it was the biggest part of why it was a disaster.

  2. I just wrote the student of the day's name on the board. Most of my students copied most of the letters =) Some of the kids were not able to write their own name, let alone the student of the day's name! One student refused to even try to draw a picture. I just didn't worry about it and by the 3rd day I limited the drawing time to 10 minutes and things went much better! Good luck!

  3. I love this idea and your book cover is great. Going to start this ASAP. Thanks for the cute cover too! Hope you don't mind, but I had to blog about it I liked it so much. =)

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  4. Thanks Jody for the encouragement. We did it again today and it went soooo much better. I didn't worry so much about writing the names and told the kids to just do their best. They even asked questions today of the other students. This is why I love blogging.


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