Monday, October 10, 2011

Star Student-Round Two!

A few weeks ago I posted about the name game that I wanted to try with my student!  I am loving it!  We are now on round two of our name game.  Everyday we choose our star student, randomly from a bag of sticks.  We clap the syllables in that student's name.  Then we write the letters for each sound in the student's name.  Next, we make a class book for the student.  This round we are writing "You are" sentences.  We started with a "You are" circle map that we keep posted.  Each student has to write a "You are" sentence for the student of the day.  I hope that makes sense, maybe the pictures will help!

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  1. Great idea! Children's favorite word is their own name so I imagine this is fun for everyone. And I love the idea of the book. They might even stomp their feet to each syllable for a variation. Isn't it amazing how quickly kindergartners learn the read/write connection? Looks like a winner!


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