Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Ramblings...

I might not have posted lately, but I've got about a gazillian posts in my head!  It's just been one of those years where you run yourself ragged all day at work and then you come home and work some more.  I thought that would be something that went away as I got more experience teaching, but I've come to realize that it just depends on the year!  Anyways...

This year I decided to teach letters a bit differently.  We went at it letter of the day style and finished pretty quick.  This was all in effort create or own alphabetic code that I posted about a while back.  My plan was to present all of the letters, one per day, then to go back and review.  The thing is, they didn't need to go back.  They learned the letters just as well as they did back when I took two or three days per letter.  We still used McCraken's Spelling Through Phonics which works awesome!

After that we moved right into word families.  I use  The kids are learning so much.  I use her sight word dvd's too. That Heidi just has it all figured out!
I still have the kiddos spend time spelling the words on their white boards, and they are doing fabulous!  I have more pictures but I just couldn't figure out how to hide their faces, not tonight anyway!

oh, and I wanted to ramble a bit about our latest round of star student writing!  Today we wrote letters to the telling them that we like them because...  I am so proud of the work they did!  Check these out!

Now I know this has nothing to do with teaching, but this big guy follows me everywhere!  Do you think he knows he sat on his food bowl?  I doubt it!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving week!

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  1. I am pushing for my K team to do a letter a day & am being met with a lot of bad vibes. Thanks for sharing that your kiddos did so well with it! I can't wait for our Heidi products to come in!


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