Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Write the Room! What do you do?

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After some feedback I have recently updated a my some of my write the room products.  Several people asked for more pictures to be included.  So, I increased the number of pictures from 6 to 12.  My own students were super excited about this change (although I think it would have been too many pictures in the beginning of the year).  Here's an example-

Anyway, I received additional feedback saying that they still would have liked more clip art.  Here is my question, (I suppose the answer would depend on your grade level).  How many words would you want your students to write during write the room?  Is six a good number?  Should it be 12?  How much do your kids write?  I typically make products with my own class in mind, but I'm always curious about what other classes are doing.


  1. I teach kindergarten and I always have enough space for 20 that way the high fliers will not finish too quickly and the lower kids can skill work at their own pace.

    If also would depend on the skill. If I have rhyming words write the room I would have 10 because that skill is harder. I usually have the kiddos match a word to the picture which requires more effort b/c they are not strong readers yet

    If they are just copying something or fill in the missing letter then I would go with 20 b/c that skill is quite easy and they would finish quickly

    Hope it helps

    Ms. Patterson

  2. I agree that letting kids work at their own speed and write the amount they are comfortable with is a good idea. But it may help to have a minimum number as a base line so kids don't rush through the work. Renee

  3. I would go with 12 or preferably more. That way I can divide it into a couple days or do one longer session and my higher group will still be engaged. I think it depends on the skill involved too, simple copying doesn't take as long as something like matching beginning sounds etc so you could get away with fewer pictures for harder tasks.

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats in Kindergarten

  4. I put up 21. I have the response sheet divided in two. The first sheet is for responses 0-10. The second sheet is for responses 11-20.

    Kim @ smartkindercookies.blogspot.com


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