Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Sale and Something Simple!

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I will get to the good stuff in just a second but first I need to talk a little bit about keeping things simple. It's tough sometimes to find balance between making sure things are cute, because those things do keep kids engaged, and keeping it real! With that said, I made a not really cute, but totally effective and fun sight word game.  Sight Word Bingo!  Just have students write words from the word wall onto the worksheet.  You can have them include a free space if you like.  Then use your flashcards as bingo callers.  Its perfect because students are writing the words, hearing the words and reading the words.

Here is the version that I made for my class- Sight Word Bingo I hope this can work for you! I've quite a few useful and cute products on my Teacher's Pay Teachers site. They are on sale, May 6-8th!

Just follow this link for 20% off!  Use the special code for an extra 10%

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  1. I've made sight word bingo games too. Easy and fun and effective for reinforcing sight words. Thanks for sharing yours! Renee


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