Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thank You and a Little Freebie!

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I wanted to thank everybody who took the time to check out my Cyber Monday Sale! You are so appreciated!  I personally had very little time to shop because I've spent hours on end entering test scores into the computer (carpal tunnel brace on, ugh)!  If I could only do a little more teaching and a little less testing I would definitely be a happy girl.  At any rate, the test scores did reveal some good information.  A lot of my kiddos are having trouble counting objects and representing the amount with a number.  And most of those babes are having trouble identifying the teens.  Personally, I think that's developmentally appropriate at this point in the year, least I can make it fun.

I am lucky enough to have a lot of parent helpers so they are typically the ones to implement interventions in my class.  I like to give them games to play with the kids that will focus on the specific skills.  So I made a little gingerbread game.  Students simply pick a card and count the pictures.  Then they use a bingo dauber to dot the number (If you don't want to waste paper you could laminate, then wipe it off each time).  My students love to dot things so I think this will be a hit!  I'm also going to put it in my math tubs because all of my students can use the review). It's free at my TPT store so check it out if you can use it!

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