Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Polar Freeze Products Posted!

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Today we started learning about polar bears.  The kids were super excited.  We are using Deanna Jump's unit.  We are working hard to make our polar bear tree map. I did have a few moments when I want to maybe bang my head against the wall trying to get the kids to finish the sentence- Polar bears are _____.  But, they eventually got it.  One great thing about teaching half day kindergarten is that anything that is hard in the morning, you get to fix in the afternoon!

I made a few things to help me out while teaching about polar animals and they are all on TPT!

Polar Freeze Nonsense Words to help us with blending!

 Numbers on Ice for my friends who are having a little trouble identifying numbers!

 And of course... Write the Room!

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  1. Polar bears sound like fun! What a great winter unit! I'm sure the kids love it. Renee


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