Monday, February 18, 2013

Things I am LOVING!!!!

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Well this guy, of course.  He's only the best husband ever.  And yes, he still wakes me up with my coffee in his hand.  LOVE!!!!!

I'm also quite fond of this little group. although they are getting so dang grown up!!!!

Okay so these mutts sweet dogs are literally bankrupting me.  But I love them so I just keep forking out the cash!

Sometimes my blog starts to get a little bit neglected simply because I get caught up on Pinterest!  Who doesn't?  I have found some pretty great stuff that I am really excited about!!!!

Here is the most recent find.  My babes are causing some hair pulling in the retelling area (me pulling out my own hair).  So after a Pinterest search I found these awesome anchor charts.  They are printed and ready to go on Tuesday!!!!

I am addicted to Amazon!  I buy pretty much everything and have it shipped to my door-including these, wait for it....

Big Books!!!!

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  1. I have the Wizard of Oz anchor charts too! My students looove them, and they have totally helped with their retell!!!

  2. I just started (hopefully I did it right) a Kindergarten Linky Party on Literacy Stations on my blog! If you'd like to link up please feel free! Happy Sunday!!!

    Mrs. Mauro's Kinderverse


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