Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reality Check

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So, I still have 100th day pictures hanging up in my room.  In the hallway, there is still Dr. Suess.  The last craft I did in my classroom was a Kinderlit Little Red Hen Book-I didn't hang them up because I let the kids take them home to read them.  My classroom is a bit of a mess.  I still have The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick in one of my listening centers.  The headphones in that center just broke but I showed the kids how to listen with the volume low and no headphones.

My kids get new reading group books every week
We do Daily 5 every day and my kids love reading
Our writing is improving
We planted lima beans and and we're keeping science journals
We are actually learning to decompose numbers 11-19

I still work hard and stay late nearly every day, but my students love school and I love my students.

I thought some people might need to hear about my room that is not that cute right now :) We see so many amazing things on so many amazing blogs.  Sometimes I find the simple things to be amazing.

I hope that I made at least one person feel good!


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  1. Your post made me laugh....I am right there with you. Like you the important things that need changing weekly do, the outside things not so much. Thanks for keeping it real, it is refreshing to read about a mere human teacher like me. :)


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