Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten Time Capsule

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Last year I posted about the Kindergarten Time Capsules that I do with my students.  They are a perfect way to wrap of the year and preserve kindergarten memories.  I have just updated the time capsule packet and posted it for free on my Teachers pay Teachers store.  I hope you can use it!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday, Graduation Freebie and Some End of Year Stuff!

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Well, I haven’t checked in for a while, I’d make an excuse but the fact is that life in half day K is very busy and well I am sort of a bad  infrequent blogger!  I’m linkin up with Doodle Bugs teaching for five for Friday, because I’ve got five pretty good ones!!!

This first one is something nice, and well sort of hilarious!  During teacher appreciation week our PTA sent home these papers for our students to write –Our teacher rocks because.. well all of the responses were adorable and sweet, but this last one was turned in a little late and it didn’t have a name on it.  I read it quite by accident when I was about to put them in my “special cabinet that I keep at my house”. 

For those of you who don’t read kindergarten..” She makes learning fun. She is the awesomest teacher in the world.  Her style is the greatest.  She is rockin’ that hair.  She is awesome”  I laughed for a while on this one because my jeans, flip-flops and ponytails have made quite the impression!

The next thing is not the greatest!  On Thursday, I decided to rock my hair.  It took me ten tries by my hair was in a pretty great sock bun.  I was wearing a cute outfit and I felt pretty good.  Until I put my hot pocket in the microwave and set off the fire alarm in the middle of the day.  My principle looked kind of mad, I don’t think he was.  Mostly he used it as an opportunity to try to humiliate me.  Making an announcement for anyone with a fan to bring it to my room, stuff like that!  Oh well.  I really just felt bad for the poor second graders who had their lunch interrupted and my kinders who had to smell the stink Thursday and Friday.

This is my microwave tray-post fire incident!  

The end of the year is coming up quick.  We have finally nailed down our playlist.  We are singing.
The Kindergarten Class-to the tune of the Addams Family
I am a Pizza-Charlotte Diamond
Kids Just Wanna Have Fun-Dr. Jean
What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
It’s Time to Say Good-bye-Dr. Jean
The Kindergarten Class isn’t really that difficult to learn, but I made a shared reading book and student book that you can get for Free on TPT

I’ve also been working on our kindergarten slideshow.  For some reason I decided we should have 3 pictures of each kid. Unfortunately, when I put them into the movie maker program, the movie was going to take like 20 minutes.  Way too long!!!!!  So I decided to go back to power point and make one slide for each student.  We have my two classes and my teammate’s two classes- 100 plus students!!  I think I’m getting carpal tunnel!!!  I made a slide with my daughter (who is also graduating but not really in my slideshow) because I can’t show my own students faces.  It’s super cute but my daughter’s pictures don’t really fit! Oh well, how many of you have to make slide shows? 

That's sort of five if you count the songs and freebie as two!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


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I'm a little late to the party, but all of my items are now on sale until May 10th!

Thanks for stopping by!

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