Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Ocean Theme :)

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Of course I should probably start this post by saying..."sorry it's been a while".  Sometimes we just get a little busy.  Plus people who know me in "real" life know that I tend to be on the quiet side.  In addition to being quiet I've also been pretty busy!  It took me nearly a week after school ended to pack up and move my classroom.  While there were some obstacles that were out of my control, it was mostly my own fault.  I hate taking things down early.  I feel like it's hard on my kinders.  It's hard on me.  I had two really sweet classes this year and I am sad to see them go!

Not only that but I am now officially old (my daughter graduated high school and turned 18)!!!  I'm hoping to get away with that excuse for the next fifty years or so!

Besides all of my excuses I have been creating!!!  I know I'm Camp Kindergarten, but next year I'm going for an ocean/beach theme.  I'm even going to get some hermit crabs as our new class pet (oh yes, I'm committing for the long term)!!  I know it's a bit over done, but the beach is pretty much my favorite place on earth (besides my home).  We spend a lot of time in our classrooms so it only makes sense to decorate in a way that's appealing to US!!  I've also been looking into some brain research about colors in the classroom and taking those into account.  My room has one painted wall-sea foam green!  So I've taken inventory, consulted the research and have decided to go for sea foam green with turquoise, aqua and white.  I think it should be very calming.  

Here's a sample of the products I've made so far to go with my ocean & Beach theme-
Schedule Cards

Classroom Jobs


Picture/Name Cards
And now I'm working on requests!  So far this week I finished Jungle Theme Job cards-which I have to admit, I think I love them.
Camping theme color posters will be coming soon along with more to go with the new ocean theme and Jungle cards! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!



  1. I love the classroom badges you have pictured here, however when I click on them it just wants me to pin to pinterest :( Is there a way I can download/purchase these? The camping ones are super cute too- just don't match my room :)
    Thanks so much

  2. I love the ocean picture name cards. How do we get them?


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