Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Sale at TPT

This is that time of year when things get so crazy busy.  I haven't had a chance to do much posting.  I should just post my list of things to do, maybe someone could use it or at the very least I would be able to find it!  I always misplace the list!!!  Speaking of's almost the perfect time to cross things off your TPT wishlist!  Have fun shopping!

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  1. Relating to endless lists and in Australia we are halfway through kindergarten!!!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. Hi,
    My name is Martin and I'm a teacher from Canada. I just started a new website called Resources4teaching where educators can buy and sell lessons and educational resources. We are new and are looking for people to join and put up their materials for sale on our website. We are having an iPad draw for the first 100 Vendors who join and upload at least 1 lesson /resource for sale on our website. There are absolutely no fees to join and you earn royalties of 70%. You can visit us at:

    If you know any other teachers who might be interested in this Website, please forward this to them and if you have any questions, feel free to message me.

    Have a great day


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