Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sneezy the Snowman

We had such a fun week reading about Snowmen!  I have to say I've discovered a new favorite snowman book, Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright.  It's about a snowman that gets a cold, he wants to warm up, but he keeps melting!  The kids loved it!  It worked really well because this week we were learning about how patterns help ups become better readers.  We do this as part of our Daily Five, but the awesome lessons are from Kim Adsit's Readers Workshop units.
 At the end of the week we made our TLC snowmen.  I forgot to take pictures and let the kids take them home, but this little guy forgot his! He got the scarf a little mixed up, but that's okay!

Next week we will learn about polar animals!  The kids always do such a great job with non-fiction during these units so it should be fun to teach!

Have a great week!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Show and Tell & The Mitten

This week we implemented Show and Tell in our classroom. I’ve done show and tell a variety of different ways in the past.  Usually we have a sharing box that two kids get to take home each night.  They love that but I would always struggle to fit their sharing time into my day!  You would not think that should be a problem during full day K, but trust me, it is! Anyway, this year we have a weird time slot on Thursdays that is perfect for show and tell.  I made it thematic because if you don’t you will see the same Transformers and Nintendo DS’s every single week. 

This week or theme was the Mitten, so their show and tell had to have something to do with the story.  They did really well, although there were a lot of teddy bears! Only 2 kids forgot and only a couple others decided not to share.  I let them use the microphone, so most of them were excited just to hear their voice over the speaker!   Only a couple asked if we were ever going to get free show and tell. Hmm...maybe they can earn it with class points! 

I should have taken pictures, but of course I forgot!  Do you do show and tell?  How do you do it?

We did some other fun mitten activities.  We sequenced the characters in The Mitten Pocket chart.

We wrote the room.

We made a class book (TPT Freebie).

We played CVC/CVCe word games. 
We compared different versions of the story and read other Mitten stories (See My fancy widget above, I could not figure out how to insert below :) 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day.  


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