Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Counting Syllables and Spelling Longer Words

My latest distraction!  Her name is Coco Chanel.  I am so in LOVE with her!  She does make working a bit difficult.  I don't know how you people with babies keep up with life!

 Anyway... This week during my small groups I pulled out my Spelling Through Phonics book and used their system for spelling words with two or more syllables.  I use this book ALL the time, but I've only ever used the lessons for teaching students to learn the letters and spell one syllable words.  The system in this book is fantastic for teach students to spell.  You can get the book on Amazon and it's no longer costing a gazillian dollars.  But, here's how the syllable lesson goes.

1. Tell the students the word and have them say the word back.
2. Have students clap and count the syllables.
3. Have students draw a line for each syllable.
4. Students touch each line and say the corresponding syllable.
5. Stretch the first syllable, write the sounds on the 1st line.
6. Stretch out the second syllable, write the sounds on the 2nd line.
7. Write the whole word underneath.

I hope that made sense!  Here are some pictures that will help.  The kids were so proud of themselves!

Hope you found something useful. Thanks for stopping by! 

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