Monday, June 30, 2014

Flash Sale, Just Because!!!!

Suddenly summertime is super busy!  I'm in a bit of a rush, so there is nothing fancy about this post, but until tomorrow everything in my TPT store is on sale  (15% off)!!!!!

Thanks for following my blog!!!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Need Something to do on a Sunday night? Or something awesome to WIN!

Okay so right now I'm blogging about a contest that I really do not want you to enter, because I want to WIN!!!!  Check out this adorable bag!!!

The grand prize winner will receive the bag pictured above from Ooh Baby Designs, AND a MYSTERY box full of summer time goodies, AND . . . a shopping spree in each of their stores.  And there are some REALLY good ones!

So, please do NOT go to Teeny Tiny Teacher and enter this competition because then my chances for winning will probably go down.  :(  Just kidding, these friends have great stuff.  What are you waiting for?

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Blogger return...Five for Friday!!!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Fabulous Five for Friday Linky!  

I'm spending a lot of lazy days this summer, but also having a great time!

It has been an absolute pleasure taking my nephews to swim class for the past two Mondays.  They just moved back to Vegas to be closer to family and I can't get enough of these two characters!

We were trying to be responsible pet owners and got our sweet little Coconut spayed.  She had a terrible time with it and was in a lot of pain for the first couple of days.  In then end I think her pain meds were the actual culprit.  She's much better now :)

Like so many of us, I can not shut off the Teacher in me!  I have been doing tons of reading!  I misplaced/lent out my original Daily Five book, so I bought and re-read the second edition and now I'm finally reading the Cafe book.  Does anybody do Cafe in Kindergarten?

My daughter has been hooked on Pretty Little Liars for years.  After some binge watching this past week I am caught up and totally hooked.  It's a new guilty pleasure.  

I LOVE requests! I am so glad that Sunshine Gals requested new sports themed products.  I'm working hard to make all kinds of new sports themed products!

The pictures should all link back to my TPT store.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daily Five and Burning Questions....

I think I should start this post by explaining that I am one of those people who is NEVER satisfied.  No matter how much experience or even success I have with something, I can never get rid of that nagging feeling that I could have done it better.  The Daily 5 is one of those things. I've been teaching using the Daily 5 in one form or another for the past 2 1/2 years and can you believe I've done it a little bit different each of those years!!!

The first year I started in January and I pretty much followed the book exactly! The second year I taught half day kindergarten.  Because I was so limited on time I rotated the kids through the choices.  It was more like centers because they didn't have as much choice, but it was still pretty effective and I spent so much more time teaching rather than preparing cute centers. 

This last year I went back to full day kindergarten.  I chose to use the rotation board because I had so much success with it in half day.  It worked pretty good but I did notice some behavior problems.

I recently purchased the second edition of the book and I pretty much read it in two days!  Got to LOVE summer!  After reading this version of the book I have made some decisions but I've also been left with some questions and I'm not sure what others do.

1. I am definitely going back to having the students make their own choices.  
2. I plan to follow daily five structure much more than I had in the past two years.
3. I will create more specific and effective I charts (in the past I consolidated the charts into one which worked well, but I didn't display it and I think that was a mistake). 

Burning Questions: 
1. Do you still do guided reading groups?
2. Do the kids take the books home or keep them at school?
3. Do you provide a table spot for each child? 
4. Do you provide a separate writer's workshop?

I'm having a difficult time giving up my guided reading groups.  I've always managed to keep them with my Daily 5, but is there a better way?  My kids often get confused between their Daily 5 book baggies and their home reading book. It's not a serious issue though. I have a hard time giving up table spots for all.  My tables have under table storage for their supplies, which helps with organization.  I think table points are a great motivator, and I think it's important for them to have their own special space.  However, my classroom is TINY!  As far as writing is concerned, I think I could make this work by going back to my star student books or morning message as additional writing time, but will it give them enough practice?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!


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