Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Big Time Bogging Challenge

Yesterday I started thinking about my summer vacation.  I have pretty much been the laziest human being around.  I think that it's amazing that I haven't gotten bed sores from the amount of time I've spent on the couch.  Okay, yes I'm exaggerating, but only a little. So, I made some goals.

1. I will get up and exercise first thing (not after three tv shows).
2. I will work on cleaning and packing (we're moving soon) for at least 1 hour per day
3. I will spend a couple of hours working on blogging and products each day.
4. I will go to the pool and work on my tan for 1 hour per day (that one shouldn't be to hard)
5. I will not get bed sores from spending to much time laying around on my super comfy reclining chair, no will I spend endless amounts of time searching for new TV shows.

Okay so you get the idea.  Anyway,  I started working on #3 and I was checking out some new blogs and one thing lead to another I found Big Time Literacy and she's having this blogging challenge/linky party and I was like OMG, that is perfect.  She's got a calendar with optional topics and each day their is a linky party! I think it's a little more for new bloggers, but it totally works for this lazy blogger with a goal :) Also, that should explain 2 posts in one day!!!

If you have any of my goals (above) you HAVE to check it out!  :)

Today's Topic– How long and in 
what capacities 
have you been in 

I've just finished my 11th year teaching kindergarten!  I have never taught another grade, I wanted to teach first grade, but I got the kinder gig and stuck with it!  I've taught 5 years of half day kindergarten and 6 years of full day kindergarten.  While they both have their advantages for the teacher, full day is definitely what is best for kids. In my personal experience they learn so much more and they are much more ready for first grade. Other than teaching kindergarten I've done a bit of mentoring and this year I did my first staff development presentation.  I'm kind of on the shy side so even if I was horrible I am so proud of myself for doing it.

Guess what I'm doing next year?  Teaching kindergarten! (shocker)  I'm so excited because we finally have class size reduction and I should only have 23 kids in my little room!!!

Thanks for stopping by ;)

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  1. Way to go on giving PD! I applaud your effort to step up and share. My advice for giving successful staff development? Chocolate :)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks! Chocolate works for everything doesn't it? :)

    2. Chocolate totally works for everything!

  2. Hey there! So glad you're linking up with the voice on your blog and I was lol-ing at those jokes about the bed sores, because I've had a few days of similar feelings this summer! But you know, sometimes you just need it!
    Anyways looking forward to reading more from you!
    BigTime Literacy

    1. Thanks! Fabulous idea for a linky! Just what I needed!

  3. I think we definitely all start out lazy in the summer. I know my motivation doesn't kick in until mid July. ha ha I can easily relate to your goals...good luck!


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