Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm So Lucky! Big Time Literacy Blogging Challenge Day 13

Today I discovered that I am actually the luckiest person alive.  Also, I just might be losing my mind a tiny bit.  Here's what happened. All day I've been cleaning carpets and packing stuff, and getting ready for the big move.  By the time this afternoon came around I was getting pretty tired, because in addition to all of the work I'm still having this sinus and/or tooth problem.  That's what I'm blaming for today's events because I really can not be losing my mind!

Anyway, I finished shampooing the downstairs carpets and was cleaning out the machine when I noticed that carpet fibers were going down the drain.  I reached in to get them but they wouldn't all budge.  So I figured that I would just turn the disposal on just a little bit.  Only I hadn't TAKEN MY FINGERS OUT YET!  Unbelievably my fingers are only a little bruised.  I must have good reflexes or God was watching out for me or I am just plain lucky because today could have been a devastating kind of a day.

I'm linking up with Big Time Literacy's Blogging Challenge again today but I just can't get on topic because the image of my almost chopped off fingers will not get out of my mind.  However, there are so great friends over there so be sure to check them out!

Have a great day and keep your fingers out of the garbage disposal!

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  1. Oh My! So glad for quick reflexes and a watchful God. Hope your packing keeps going good and your move as well.

  2. "Yikes" and "Phew" at the same time!! I'm glad you made it out alive. ;)

  3. Glad you are okay! Eek! New week - less problems??!! Good luck with moving!

  4. Thanks ladies! I still can't believe it happened!


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