Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kindergarten Memory Book (scrapbook)

So this year was my first attempt a creating a memory book for my students.  My kids don’t even have memory books (past the age of 6) so I have to admit that this was not easy for me.  I’m a want-to-be crafter, but my crafts tend to look like the work of a 5 year old.  However, the 5 year olds think I’m quite talented!  I think I’ll stay in kindergarten forever!
This is the cover.  My class is an ocean theme.  We did one hand print around the first day and the other near the last.  Look how much bigger her hand got!

  This is from one of Deanna Jump's beginning of the year packs.  We made our self portraits in response to A my name is Alice and then we made our rainbow names.  Our fingers got super strong scrunching all that tissue paper! 

 This is September's page.  In September we mostly focus on learning about each other.  I made these forms and intended to make more but as usual I became side tracked.  Summer project, maybe!

  In October we learned about fire safety and celebrated Halloween!

 We were very thankful in November.  We put on an adorable Thanksgiving play!

 This is also from Deanna!  These are our PJ kids from her Polar Express unit.  FYI, these take a while ;) but they are worth it in the end!

 This page is from Tara West's free close reading packet.  The penguin is a craft that I made years ago.  

This is February.  We celebrated the 100th day and Valentine's Day.  The hand prints are upside down.  It should look like a heart.  We had some communication issues!

This page is for March.  It's from a memory book with cut outs.  It's not one of my favorites but it was a busy month.  You can't really see the picture but it was also during reading week and one of our kinder teachers got an Elvis impersonator to come and read to our kids!  Only in Vegas :)  

We learned about butterflies and insects in April.  the writing format is from my Opinion Writing Pack.

  In May we learned about plants.  We also did an adorable Mother's Day performance.  For this project I just drew a vase and copied it for each student.  Then they had to rip paper to make it a beautiful mosaic. I used the machine to cut out the flowers. 

For June we placed a class picture in the center and had all of the students sign around the picture.  We did it like an assembly line and it worked great.

Well, I took a very willy-nilly approach to this book but I still think it came out pretty great.  And now I have a plan for next year.  

Have a great summer!!!

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  1. Thank you! It was so much work, but definitely worth it!

  2. Your kinder memory books came super cute. I think you did a great job making them!;)

    Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures

  3. Hi Jody
    I love your memory books! What did you use to cut the letters on the cover? Cricut?


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