Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Love to Teach & Learn - Big Time Blogging Challenge

Ahh! I've been participating In Big Time Literacy's Big time Blogging Challenge.  Today's topic is to write about how we ended up in education.  I have to say that I'm not entirely sure how it happened.  Growing up I had a sort of Love/Hate relationship with school.  Somehow though I made it through and graduated before my 30th birthday! It was one of my proudest achievements! Eleven years later I still love my job to the max!

Today I went to I TEACH K here in Vegas.  It was amazing.  I spent the day with friends from school in Kim Adsit's sessions  She is amazing and I have learned so much.  I was going to post some pictures that I took but they came out bad.  But, If you check out her blog she did a re-cap and she even posted links to her Facebook Fan Freebies!  I think they are great for kindergarten and even first grade (just click on this picture from her blog)!

Don't forget to head over to Big Time Literacy to check out the Big Time Blogging Challenge!

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  1. I think going to any sort of gathering amongst other educators always ignites the passion again. I know I always feel more motivated coming back from a gathering I am truly passionate about. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Teaching In Stride

  2. No matter how we all came into this profession - I think the best is when you love your job! The best is when you did struggle with something and then go back to teach it. I hated reading and have always struggled with it - but now I can relate to my students and try to help them in a different way!

  3. Ok, I'm totally jealous of all the bloggers attending teaching conferences in Vegas. That is definitely the right way to spend summer vacay!!


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