Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday and Big Time Blogging Challenge Day 3

I have always wanted to link up with Second Grade Shenanigans for Throwback Thursday!  Since I've made this commitment to blog everyday, today is the perfect Thursday!  
So I'm taking it way back to when I first started blogging and Camp Kindergarten actually had a camping themed classroom.  I really loved it and I only changed when I moved into a PURPLE classroom.  Oh well, I think I'm currently in love with my ocean themed classroom. :)-Now the wall is a sea green (new room again)!

Classroom Pictures... Finally!

Well, here it is!  It is a total work in progress, of course!  You would think that after nine years I'd have this down!  There are 26 little babies being squeezed into this little room!  So far, it's working!

Since I'm also linking up with Michelle for her Big Time Blogging Challenge I want to post about today's topic-My Family!!!!  My family is the most important thing in the world to me.  We are a blended bunch, thankfully not as big as the Brady's!  This picture is from my wonderful daughter's graduation last year. Dang I'm old!

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  1. Camp kindergarten is an awesome theme! Even 9 years in I bet you still enjoying. Mixing things up a bit! You have some great ideas going in your classroom!

  2. I love seeing the pictures of your classroom! Cute ideas!

  3. I love kinder rooms, yours included! So many great spaces for the little learners to work!

  4. Such a stimulating learning environment!


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