Saturday, July 12, 2014

Big Time Literacy & Little Freebie

Today I'm linking back up with Big Time Literacy's Big Time Blogging Challenge.  I missed yesterday because we are getting ready to move and our house is a wreck, so of course our landlord is coming on Monday to take pictures for advertising the house.  I was getting things and order and found a 5 inch modge podge stain on my daughter's carpet. Love it!

So, I kept cleaning.  Today I'll be trying all of the tips I found on the internet.  Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. I know it's not coming out.  Love my kid ;)

I'm not really a fan of manual labor, so after all the cleaning and packing I was just DONE.  Plus incredibly mad at the kid who is out of town and can therefor not be made to fix the mess (though she will be paying for it)!

Okay, I'm ranting.  If you don't have teens, just wait!

The other source of frustration is my facebook page.  I was trying to create a fan freebie thing and no matter what I did I could not get it to look right.   So, I've given UP (for now anyway).  I do have a back to school freebie though, but it's on TPT.  I've been working on a Back to School Math Pack.  My math packs are all about games and math choices.  Most of my math packs have the same games, just with different themes.  It adds novelty and keeps you from having to constantly teach new games. This freebie is called roll and color.  Kids roll dice and color the picture.  There is a version for 1 dice and a version for 2 dice.  Hope you can use it!

Okay, so Big Time Blogging Challenge Topic to day is to write about your most important friendships!  I am lucky to have had the same BFF since high school.  We don't get together often and sometimes don't even keep in touch (2000 miles will do that), but we are somehow always there for one another.  We finally got together this past March (after several years).  Love this girl!

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  1. Love your freebie! Friendships that just pick up where you left off are the best!

  2. I totally feel ya, my best friend lives 1500 miles away in Los Angeles! Sometimes we get so caught up we don't keep in touch very well but it's always so easy to pick up where we left off!


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