Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What If I Had Animal Teeth!

Do you have this book?


 We've been learning about teeth. While I mostly wanted the kids to learn about human teeth, this book was a great way to end our week!  First we read the book.  We talked about which teeth we would most like to have and we made an anchor chart (on the whiteboard) with the animal names and a quick picture of the teeth. 

Next is was time to write.  This kind of writing was pretty hard for my kids.  They are used to only getting blank paper.  They had a hard time not writing every word.  I think it was a great lesson though.  It really helped them to focus on the words that were already on the paper.  

 After we wrote about our animal teeth, we made our portraits with our chosen animal teeth.    To make the portraits I just cut some multicultural paper in half.  Then we trimmed the corners until we turned them into ovals for our faces.  I gave them black rectangles for the mouth.  They were about 2 by 4 inches.  We cut them like a rainbow and turned them upside down.  I pre- cut papers for their eyes.  I think the whites were about 2 inches and the blacks were about 1 inch each.  Again, we trimmed the corners to make them round.  Next I gave them scrap white paper to make the teeth and several other colors for the hair.  The rest was up to them!  I think they turned about pretty cute!

 I LOVE how the board turned out!

I hope you found something that you can use!

One more thing...the story is on YouTube

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  1. I love your idea and I have the book! Where can I get the worksheet that you used?


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