Saturday, April 11, 2015

Five for Friday and Insects :)

Try number two!  I hope my pictures show up this time!!!!

On a Saturday of course!  

This week we started our insect unit!  
We practiced close reading using the Fly Guy Presents Insects book. 

We started with a schema chart.  As we read this and other texts we confirmed our schema and added to our new learning.  I'm surprised they only had two misconceptions!  We spent two days reading this book and creating our chart.

Then we used the text to understand new vocabulary words and shared our learning with table top blogs!  As you can see, results were varied!  :)  The instructions were to explain their words using pictures and or words.

 "Antennae is a thing is on the body the antennae help them hear and help them taste and help them touch and help them"

If you want some more ideas I made a free close reading pack for this book!

We used construction paper and paper from our scrap bin to create these awesome insects.  
Without any instructions!

I recently started using Amazon Cloud Drive for my pictures.  It's so easy!  I have an app on my phone, when I click on it my pictures upload to the cloud drive.  I copied the url to get pictures on this blog.  Now fingers crossed they are actually going to show up on this blog!!!

I brought home the hermit crab tank for my husband to clean.  Confession... the kids in my class love them but I'm afraid to even pick them up.  I put in the effort, but I still fail as a teacher with class pets!  We did get some cool pictures of them though!

This guy could really use a new shell, but he loves this one too much to leave!

 Not letting go of the coconut!!!
We went hiking at Red Rock and found these cool nests.  My husband swears he sees caterpillars in there.  It makes sense because last year at this time we saw tons of butterflies.  I think these are spiders though! And if I'm right we need to get!

Okay!  Hope you can actually see the pictures!  
Check out Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday!

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