Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beach Buck Behavior Plan

OMG!  I see so many people posting about getting ready to go back to school!  I've been teaching summer school for the month of July!  One more week.  I am having so much trouble even wrapping my head around going back to school for real!  Honestly, it's been a very interesting summer and I've learned so much, I just haven't had much time for anything else!

I've recently had a request for an update for my Beach Buck Behavior Plan.  The plan now includes an option for students to clip up to purple.  If you are going to use a clip chart, I do agree that giving students a chance to move up can be very motivating.

I personally no longer use any kind of behavior monitoring chart, but this is still the behavior plan I use in my classroom.  I only use the beach bucks to "catch students being good".  It has worked beautifully and I don't miss my behavior chart one bit.  I only use the coupons to reward good behavior.  Sad choices are dealt with depending on the nature of the crime.  Sometimes kids need a talking to, sometimes they need space, it just depends on the circumstances.

Anyway, it's free at my TPT store so check it out if you like!  Enjoy your summer!!!!

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